Executive Summary

San Juan Basin Multi Formations

Mancos--Unconventional Oil (3 zones)
Dakota--Conv, Unconv (2 zones)
Pictured Cliffs--Unconventional Gas

Rio Arriba & Sandoval Counties, New Mexico

  • Low cost entry into Project
  • Surrounded by 50 MMBO, 250 BCF
  • 28,000 Net Acres---Federal and Fee acres  (leasehold and HBP)
  • 11 BOPD (100MBO) from two outlier wells, technologically expandable to 500-1000 bopd


General Overview:

San Juan Resources' owner Jerry McHugh, Jr. has been involved in the San Juan his entire career and is keenly familiar with the hydrocarbon rich Lindrith area.  Majority of the acreage resides in a vertically developed area south of Gavilan Mancos, west of Puerto Chiquito (West) Mancos, east of Lindrith Gallup Dakota Pools, north of Rio Puerco Mancos Pool.    SJR offers the project to investors to join at favorable arrangement to drill, earn, and develop acreage.   The plan is to drill and complete for Mancos and Dakota oil and gas. (Shallower Pictured Cliffs gas is also prevalent.)   SJR operates 13 wells in the Lindrith area.  Update on the Lindrith project: 

A)  On the South Block (23-22N, 1W) SJR re-entered the Regina Ranch 32 #1 (S 32, 23N, 1W) to open up the Mancos (10/19).  Well was fracced in 2006 in the Mancos which never produced but has been a shallower PC producer.  Well on pump, producing 5 bopd.   SJR operates 11 bopd from the 2 marginally fracced Regina and Romero wells (100 MBO EUR---35 and 65 MBO EUR respectively).  With technology-driven innovations, modern drilling and completion techniques, there's solid upside for significant oil production at the center of this project.       

B)  On the North Block (24N, 2W) outside operator drilled Lindrith 24-2-24 #1 (S 24-24N, 2W) (11/19).   Outside operator TD'ed well at 8250 but abandoned (P&A) as they got stuck in drilling process.  Mudlog was obtained, showing significant oil and gas shows in the PC, Mancos, and Dakota.    SJR is looking for financial and drilling partners to take to the next level.

 Lease Terms:

Majority are 2012 paid up 5 + 5 yr leases or 10 year federal leases. Most leases expire 2022-24. Delivered NRI -79% . 

Contact Jerry at for additional information, access to data room, and presentation.   

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