Executive Summary

San Juan Basin Multi Formations

Mancos--Unconventional Oil (3 zones)
Dakota--Conv, Unconv (2 zones)
Pictured Cliffs--Unconventional Gas
Rio Arriba & Sandoval Counties, New Mexico

  • 40,000 Acres  (leasehold and HBP)
  • Operated production available: current ('17 avg.) 1,844 mcf/mo; 111
    BOPM-- NPV on production- PV8 $237K.
    Consistent, low decline production
  • 2 approved APD's-- Sec 23, 24: T24N, R2W, ready to drill

General Overview:

San Juan Resources' Mancos & Dakota Oil HZ Development Project is in the midst of several strong Mancos and Dakota conventional oil fields, with nearly 50 Million bbls and 200 BCF of cumulative production. Majority of the acreage resides in a little-developed area south of Gavilan Mancos, west of Puerto Chiquito (West) Mancos, and east of Lindrith Gallup Dakota Pools. SJR offers the project for a strong, aggressive company to test the Dakota and Mancos zones. SJR has focused on technical geological, engineering horizontal drilling attributes of the Mancos and Dakota, the conventional focus of the (Lower) Dakota "D", and Pictured Cliffs HZ gas drilling.

Lease Terms:

Majority are 2012 paid up 5 yr leases + 5 yr extend option or 10 year federal leases. Most leases expire 2022-24. Delivered NRI -79% Mineral Interests will be leased for 5 years paid up. No depth limitations.

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