San Juan Basin Horizontal Mancos Dry Gas Project


San Juan Resources has assembled a 6000-acre Mancos Dry Gas Project with over 
60 projected two-mile laterals and seeks partners to take to the next level.    

General Overview:


  • 19 BCF EUR per 10,000’ lateral
  • NEPA Approval (May 2019) in Carson National Forest –95% approval –as all surface permits completed
  • Lateral analogs significantly de-risk project
  • 35% HBP, SJR owns 6172 gross, 2866 net acres  

Size of Prize:


  • NPV10 $46MM (fully developed)
  • ROI to investor 55%; 
  • 32 Unit wells-- Mancos B and C zones 
  • Gross Reserves- 608 BCF (231 BCF Net) 

Deal Terms: 


  • SJR to farm-out or divest entirely.     
  • Available Tier 1 investors for proportionate ownership share in all leases. 
  • SJR/Tier 1 to file BLM permits and start Federal Unitization process.   Then obtain Tier 2 investors to drill/complete the initial three 2-mi laterals.  Tier 1 investors to earn all depths. 

Other Key Attributes:    


  • 37% WI, Operations available   
  • Approval includes two 7-acre well pads -- up to 36 horizontal wells includes water lines, gas gathering rights-of-way in Forest, Unit plan  
  • 80 MMFCD  Cabresto Gathering line (12”) bisects Unit—ready to hook up
  • $10MM for first 2-mi lateral, (with drilling efficiencies < $7.0 MM)  
  • 19 Bcf EUR two-mile laterals, a dozen drilled by BP & WPX a township to west.  
  • 6 Bcf EUR one mile lateral, drilled ½ mile on eastern edge of project by Black Hills Gen1 frac (634#/ft). 
  • Water plan is to drill shallow gas wells with water potentials, haul into area from Lake Navajo.  
  • SJR Fee leases are 2019 5 yr leases + 5 yr extension.  Additional acreage north of Unit  ~ 450 net acres non-Unit, 
  • Pictured Cliffs is viable hi-btu gas zone in the project.


  Contact Jerry at for additional details, access to the data room, and showing.     

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